Make your home smell good

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Guests that do not smoke or have pets can easily pick up on those smells, and it can result in them cutting their visit short. Rather than wondering why guests never want to come over, and if they do they don’t stay for long, follow these steps to guarantee that the house smells clean and fresh no matter how many smokers or pets there are.

Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a must for everyone, but especially for smokers and pet owners. Even if pets go outside or in the litterbox, the smell of pets may end up staying in the fabric. Carpet cleaning isn’t just to remove the strong odor of cat pee, cleaning also a necessity to eliminate the smell of pets. One cat may not look like much, but it can cause a specific smell.

Cigarette smoke is notorious for staining walls, being in clothes and in curtains, so most people today forget about the odor in the carpeting. This is the reason homeowners treat their clothes, curtains and furniture but can’t get rid of the smell. It’s because it is still in the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning can eliminate all the odor, leading to a home that smells clean and fresh.

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Once a house has been scrubbed and the carpet is clean, there are some other items that homeowners can do to make sure that it continues to smell gorgeous. Wax melts are one of those ways.

They market products that are made from ceramic specifically for wax melts. The owner puts the wax melts in the top, and then lights a candle in the bottom.

To get a cheaper way to do this, pick up a wax warmer and a tealight candle. Then, rather than using wax dries, use fabric softener pellets. The odor of these is stronger, and it will last for hours.

Dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are another cost-effective way to keep a house smelling wonderful. During the colder months, do the same thing with heater vents. After the heat or the air conditioner come on, they will blow out the cold or hot air, and it will smell like dryer sheets.

Change them once a week and relax. The house will smell great with almost no effort.
Getting a house to smell clean may require a little bit more cash, but once it does, the hard part is over. After that, carpet cleaning once or twice a year and these two simple DIY tips will maintain a home smelling clean and fresh all year long.

Homeowners will never have to feel bad about how their home smells . They won’t ever wonder if their home smells like cigarettes and cats and they just can’t smell it because they are used to it. Parties won’t be cut short because the guests are in a hurry to leave.

Instead, they’ll have the ability to relax and enjoy their home just like they could when they first bought it.


Drink more water

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Water, the liquid existence. It makes up 60 percent of your body, 75 percent of your muscles and 85 percent of your mind. It’s the lubricant that is involved in nearly every chemical process that takes place within your cells.

Water is clearly the most important nutrient for the human body, but we often take it for granted. That’s probably the reason why 75% of Americans are suffering from chronic dehydration. There is just so many other options!

Interestingly enough, although water is so important for the body, there’s not much scientific research devoted to learning more about water and how it affects human health. That’s because water is very cheap for many developed countries. Water’s health benefits do not increase the bottom line of the giant pharmaceutical companies that usually fund health research. The few research articles that I did find were actually done by bottled water companies including Evian, meaning that this research might be slightly biased.

Nonetheless, water is a necessary and fundamental part of being healthy and it’s importance should not be underestimated. Making sure to drink the right type of water and plenty of it is crucial to achieving your health goals. Here are the 7 chief Reasons to Drink more water. Let’s dive in.

The 7 Chief Reasons to Drink More Water

#1 – Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Everyone wants to look good and maintain shape. The simplest way to do so is to drink more water. Here are the two chief ways that water can help you to lose weight or maintain optimum weight.

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In the center of your brain, there is an area called the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is responsible for regulating hormones in the body, controlling body temperature, and the sensations of thirst and hunger. Since your feelings of hunger and thirst are supplied from the same area of your mind, you might sometimes mistake your thirstiness for your desire to munch something.That’s why if you get a craving for food, then you should try drinking a glass of water and waiting 15 minutes. The majority of the time the craving should go away and you reduce your calorie intake, which helps you shed weight.

Drinking cold water forces your body to burn calories to warm the water up to body temperature. Really any water which you drink has to be processed and transported to the rest of your body.

Research showed that in 14 healthy and in-shape people, drinking 500ml of water increased their metabolism by 30% in just 10 minutes. Another study showed that drinking two liters of water per day could increase calorie burn by up to 400 calories. A short-term study of obese women revealed that the women who drank more than 1 liter of water a day over 12 months, lost an extra 4lbs of weight without any other lifestyle changes.

More energy demand causes an increase in metabolic rate. Just by drinking more water you will burn more fat and get leaner. It’s like the very best natural fat-loss product. A Zero-Calorie food!

#2 – Water Increases Your Physical and Mental Performance

Fatigue is one of the first signs of dehydration. Even if you lose only 1-2% of your body weight in water, it can impair physical and mental performance. That’s because everything that goes on in your body and brain requires water.

Physical Performance

If you exercise regularly, you want to hydrate even more than the normal sedentary human being. It’s been demonstrated that athletes often shed 6-10% of their body weight in water during intense and competition training. Dehydration during training contributes to decreased endurance, increased fatigue, decreased motivation, and increased perceived effort. All of which negatively impacts performance.

The good news is that appropriate rehydration reverses all of these negative effects and even reduces oxidative stress brought on by exercise and dehydration. Be certain you hydrate before, during, and after exercise to assist in recovery and maximize your performance.

Mental Performance

Even just mild dehydration curbs cognitive functions such as concentration, alertness and short term memory in everybody including children (10-12 years), young adults (18-25 years) and (50-82 years). The brain is 85% water, so staying adequately hydrated is important to ensure proper functioning of your brain. In the morning, rather than going straight for coffee, try drinking 500ml of water as soon as you wake up. It will help kickstart your day and get you going quicker. When that afternoon snooze starts creeping, try drowning it with water.

#3 – Water Improves Your Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ of your body and contains 30% water, which contributes to the plumpness and elasticity of skin. Drinking more water can enhance skin thickness and density, helping your skin look more youthful, smooth, and firm. Choosing water instead of inflammatory drinks such as sugary sodas, processed fruit juice, caramel macchiatos, and even milk will allow you to achieve clearer skin. These inflammatory drinks cause spikes in blood sugar which messes up your hormones and contributes to unwanted breakouts. Be mindful of what you drink, especially for the sake of your skin.

There are several toxins which you come into contact with everyday from processed foods, household chemicals, environmental pollutants, etc.. It’s your kidney’s job to filter your blood out and eliminate toxic waste. The kidneys depend on lots of fluid available on your body so that even if you lose fluid through your urine, your body can function optimally. Offer your kidneys sufficient water, they can effectively work and remove all the toxins from your blood. The more dehydrated you are, the harder your kidneys have to work to match all of the toxins into a small quantity of urine. The easiest way to make sure you’re getting enough water is to drink enough water until your urine is crystal clear. This will help your kidneys remove toxins from your body efficiently, and you will feel great!

#5 – Water Helps Minimize Joint Pain and Muscle Pain

Your joints are the hinges where two bones come together. Between your bones is a coating of cartilage which provides a cushion between your bones to avoid friction.

Joints are like sponges. Wet sponges move easily against each other while tough sponges can rub and break off. Drinking plenty of water ensures that your sponges (cartilage) are soft and hydrated, minimizing joint distress. That’s what glucosamine and other joint supplements are intended to perform, keep more moisture from your cartilage.

Muscle pain is a somewhat different issue. Drinking loads of water flushes out the lactic acid, and transports nutrients to your muscles (assuming that you are eating nutritious diet) that will help repair muscles quicker and reduce muscle pain. Drinking more water means faster and more efficient recovery.

#6 – Water Makes You Happier

The more water your drink, the better your mood is. If your body is operating efficiently on lots of water, you’ll have more energy and be in a better mood. A study on 120 healthy female school students showed that the women who drank more water on average had less tension, depression, and confusion.

Another study on 30 individuals who drank five cups of water a day revealed that when the same individuals were asked to increase water intake to ten cups per day their mood, energy, and satisfaction all rose. DRINK MORE WATER, it will make you happier.

#7 – Water Can Help You Digest and Poop

Your digestive tract is where everything goes to get entry into your body, such as water. Maintaining this area nice and moist is good for your digestion.

Water Aids Digestion

Everything that you eat lands in your stomach first and waits there to be broken down by stomach acid and digestive enzymes. The pace at which digested food then moves into your intestines from your gut is mostly dependent on the quantity of food & fluid that is in the stomach at the time. After your stomach breaks down the food, it drains into the small intestine, where most of the nutrients and water are absorbed. The more water that is available, the better the absorption.

However, there is a constant debate among caregivers on whether drinking water with meals positively or negatively affects digestion. On one hand, it is theorized that drinking water during meals dilutes your stomach acid and enzymes leading to bad breakdown of nutrients and causes restricted absorption. On the other hand, drinking water is said to aid in moving food through your digestive tract quickly and smoothly.

So in order to cover both sides of this debate, here is the perfect way to drink water for good digestion.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that you don’t have to gulp down water right before you eat.

Make sure to start hydrating again 30 minutes after your meal to give time for your body to digest the food you ate.

Water Relieves Constipation

Constipation is caused by dehydration in your colon. Your colon is where additional water is added or removed to create stool. More water means smoother stool while less water means firmer stool. If you are dehydrated, your colon will absorb more water from your feces, resulting in constipation. Women and older adults especially struggle with constipation because they do not drink enough water, and/or drink coffee/tea rather than water.

A study of 3,835 Japanese women from the ages of 18-20 showed that low consumption of water was directly associated with increased instances of constipation. Similarly, in elderly people, low fluid intake was found to be the direct cause of constipation.

Constipation is a very serious health problem. Continued constipation means you are not eliminating toxic waste from your body, and most of those toxins become reabsorbed. Leading to bad skin, fatigue, and overall poor health. Drink loads of water to decrease constipation and live a healthy life.

Only drinking more water will go a long way in assisting you to achieve your health objectives. Stay hydrated!